Monday, March 31, 2014

UP in the Clouds

Decided to go to a Georgia State Park that had been recommended to me by a fellow camper It is called Cloudland Canyon Park. It was about a four hour drive up to the northwest part of Georgia in the mountains. Did a little bit of grocery shopping before I got there because there is no “civilization” around this park.
 First I had to drive through downtown Atlanta – five lanes each way – I would put it right up with Chicago type driving. I realized that where I am sitting with this huge window that if I flip somebody off, they can really see that I'm flipping them off. I have to remember that I can no longer be an incognito flipper. Driving through Atlanta was extremely hard.
The park is about an hour off of the freeway and this hour's drive was also quite the challenge. Let's just say that now I've got mountain driving under my belt. Up, down – around and around corners. Speed limit is 55, I was driving about 40. I felt bad for the local drivers behind me, but again – oh well. The last part of the drive seemed like it was straight up. I hate to think what going back down is going to be like. The park is around the edge of a big gorge and it is beautiful. Lots of space between the sites, level, nice water and...and...I've got tv so I can watch some of the shows I've left behind. Best of all worlds, nature and the creature comforts. I plan to stay here for two days. I need to decompress.

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