Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Boring Travel Day

March 26
Travel day. I am leaving Mississippi and heading into Alabama. I decided I was going to stay at Wind Creek State Park. This park is supposed to be Alabama's biggest state park - they said tons of camping spots, no need to make a reservation. I go to the ranger station and pay for two nights.  I paid extra to be on the lake. Let's just say the park was a zoo. Sites were close together, there were fifty zillion kids, most of them of the screaming type. I suppose it is because it is spring break time. Tents were mixed in with the RVs which I like. It doesn't seem like such a sea of fiberglass. If I looked out my front door it was beautiful. If I turned my head ten degrees in any other direction and it was like Metropolis.  I only took a picture of the pretty side.

I had stopped at Walmart and got a long handled squeegee to try to clean my enourous bug caked windshield. I'm not getting the hang of it - it's like the squeegee part doesn't slide down and have a good seal on the windshield. I suppose I will return it and try to think of other options.

I am In college football land. Almost every trailer has a football saying painted on it - Go Bama or Crimson Tide or something red.  I'm getting the idea that football is huge here.

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