Monday, March 17, 2014

The Gods are Watching Out For Me

I have spent a great deal of time getting everything ready for my trip south.  It doesn't matter where, I just wanted to get someplace where I don't have to wear a winter jacket.  The plan was to leave tomorrow and head south, with a possible end destination of Big Bend National Park.  I made no reservations, I was going to be free and flexible.

Tuesday was a good day to leave.  There was a snow storm moving into the area late Tuesday afternoon that was to have significant snowfall and I figured I could get up early and go, beating the snow.  I had a few final errands to do today to get ready, last minute food shopping, oil change for my car and get to the bank.  I got out the door fairly early (for me).  We were having a sleet storm at the time, but it was supposed to pass in a couple of hours. 

I get about two blocks from my house and start slowing down at a stop sign.  But...there is no slowing down, I am skidding into the intersection.  I look up and Bam - I am hit by a car going about thirty miles an hour.  There was no way that either of us could have stopped.  She hit me about the area of the driver's side front wheel and spun me around.  I hit my head on the driver's side window and had a minor cut - with lots of blood.  You know how those head wounds are - all show, no substance.  The other driver seemed to be just fine.  My car is a 2013 Ford Focus Titanium.  It is pretty fancy and within a minute of the crash, the car was calling 911.  Her car lost it's front bumper and she was eventually able to drive away.  My poor little car was not so fortunate.  The whole wheel was caved in and the left front bumper was very up close and personal with the tire.  It was not going anywhere. The tow truck came and it was so sad watching my little car ride away with it's flashers going.  I really like the car.

Tomorrow I will get a rental car and the adjustor will tell me what is going to happen with the car.  The police officer at the scene thought the car would be totaled, but tomorrow will tell.  I am worried about all my tow equipment that I had installed in the car to enable it to be towed by the RV.
I will just have to be patient and see what happens.

Needless to say - my great adventure is on hold. Overall I feel very lucky - I am so glad that the people injuries were minor.  Everything else can be fixed.

A personal note to self:  As I looked up and saw the other car come crashing into me I had time for a few thoughts.  In the accident aftermath, I'm thinking those thoughts could have been my last words.   Imagine my dismay when I realized that my possible last thoughts were not very profound.  My last words would have been "Holy Crap".  So, Cindy - work on those last words - come up with something perhaps a little bit more elegant.   

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  1. Haha... on my way home from China, we had about 90 seconds of turbulence that sent the flight crew running (like wide recievers) back to their jump seats, screaming instructions in Chinese the whole time. My coffee lifted up out of the cup and landed on the top of the seat in front of me (and probably on the back of the head of the person sitting there).

    During that time, I learned that my last words would be "ohgodohgodohgodohpleasejesusmakethisstopohpleaseohgodohpleaseohgod".

    Super undignified, but at least I'm talking to the only one that'll have anything to do about it. ;-)