Thursday, March 27, 2014

Muscogee Creek and Chewacla State Park

This lake (Lake Martin) is a fishing lake – so there were lots of the campers' boats parked right behind my rig. All the fisher people decided to go fishing at 5 in the morning. I decided that it was time to move on. Luckily the office said that they would refund my money for the second night.

Today was a special day. I went to the Horseshoe Bend National Historic Site. This is a place where Andrew Jackson had a battle with the Creek Nation. It was the most Indians ever killed in a single battle – over 800. Because of this battle, the Creek Nation gave the United States 23 million acres of land which became Alabama and Georgia. The date of this battle was March 27, 1814, exactly 200 years ago today.

Several busloads of Muscogee Creek Indians came from Oklahoma and there was a huge ceremony and speeches. I listened to the Creek speeches and singing. They were there to pay homage to their ancestors. It was not a celebration. They talked about how they have survived and it was very moving.

After an hour or two of these speeches, then it was time for the Congress people to talk – the senators and representatives. I left, grabbed Miko out of the bus and did the three mile nature walk to all the major sites of the battle. It was a beautiful day out – seventies, light breeze and sunny. Perfect day to walk and a perfect day to reflect on one nation invading another nation's land.

Drove for an hour to the Chewacla State Park. This state park is much more to my liking. Trees, quiet – campers aren't on top of one another.

Started chatting with Paul and Ruth who are camped next door to me. Found out we have mutual acquaintances. Small world. They are from Texas and are starting their meander back.

I think I will stay here another day – there are a few trails to hike that might be fun to check out.

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