Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tuskegee and President Jimmy Carter

Today was an educational day. First up was the Tuskegee Airman Museum. Two big hangars of exhibits about the contributions of not only the Airmen but of all of the support staff. Again, it was These people, even though they were told that the Negro was not intelligent enough or had enough common sense to fly an airplane, had the gall to outperform almost every other single squadron in WWII. Yet, when they came back to the U.S. After all this service had to deal with the Jim Crow laws. I know it was a different time, but it was offensive how people treat other people.

On to the Tuskegee Institute which is located on the Tuskegee University grounds. It happened to be open house for incoming students so it was a busy place. There was the George Washington Carver Museum, the peanut guy. There were also tours to the Booker T Washington house which I didn't time quite right and missed. Probably a good thing because I keep adding “and the Mgs” everytime I hear his name.

I then traveled a couple of hours over to Plains Georgia, the home of President Jimmy Carter. There is a Jimmy Carter museum in his old high school – the Plains High School. There was a really interesting movie that touched a little bit on his political life, but it was mostly about his life in Plains and his basic philosophy on life. The one thing about Jimmy Carter that I have always found so moving is that he has always lived his life according to his beliefs. He is a man of Faith, and I don't mean religious faith, but faith in what is right and what is good.

I spent quite a bit of time talking to the museum staff and one of the volunteers told me about where she was staying in her RV, a small unadvertised local park. I had reservations at some high falutin' RV park for $40 that included as much golf as I wanted to play. That golf was such a draw for me (not). This new place was only $20 and it was in the middle of a field and it was only for one night and it was perfect.

Why? Because it was a half block away from the church where Jimmy Carter was scheduled to teach Sunday school the next day. I decided I would go and get myself some religion. If you stay for both the sunday school and church, you can have your picture taken and your hand shaken by President Carter. How often do you get to meet a President of the United States?

The entrance to my RV park

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