Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Laying Low (and High)

Tombigbee National Forest. Mississippi

Today was going to be chore day. Make business calls, do laundry, rinse off the RV - all those kind of tasks. Beautiful day today so instead Miko and I decided to explore the trails. None of the trees have really blossomed yet so you can see quite a distance through the woods. Well, except for the hills - lots and lots of rolling hills. We walked trails for about an hour in the morning and then for a couple of hours in the afternoon. On our afternoon walk we flushed out three deer. Miko went nuts. She would have been in the next county following them if she hadn't been on a leash. She is very definitely a rodent dog, never taking her nose out of the leaves, but these deer - she was definitely up for the chase. Found a deer tick on her when we got back. How appropriate.  For our evening walk, we climbed a hill that had an old CCC building on the top of it. It is a big building, it could have been a retreat center or something like that. I've always thought CCC builders did amazing work. This building is no exception. It is made of cypress logs and everything is cut to the most precise nth. Quality.

Side note:  I did do some chores, but it seems like chores can always be put off for another day

We are pulling up stakes tomorrow, heading out. I'd like to spend more time here, but my time commitments make it impossible. I really loved this place - it was so quiet and absolutely beautiful. We are very fortunate to have a government that preserves places like this for its citizens to enjoy and treasure.

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