Friday, March 28, 2014

Chewacla State Park - Alabama

It started raining about 3 a.m. Thunder/Lightning – rain on the roof. It was great sleeping. Woke up to a dark day – pouring rain. I did laundry with my washing machine which consists of a bucket and a plunger along with a spin machine. I felt almost pioneer like. I got this setup because I hate public laundromats so much. They are generally dirty and creepy. I had planned to get my life in order but I started watching a Bewitched extravaganza on tv. Then it was nap time. So much for chores.

Update on the football thing: Wind Creek State Park on the west side of Alabama had tons of red – go Crimson Tide go. This park on the east side of Alabama is all blue and orange. Auburn – evidently this is a huge rivalry between the two schools. I am now in Auburn territory.

I have new next door neighbors. Travel trailer and a van and EIGHT kids ranging in age from probably around 10 to baby size. Actually, they are fairly quiet which is a change.

Around 3:30 it stopped raining and Miko and I headed out to do the trails. They have a CCC built waterfall here. It talked to one fellow camper here who said that yesterday it was a mere trickle. Today it was downright violent because of all of the rain. Trails were a little muddy not too bad.

I'm all packed up and ready to hit the road tomorrow. I will be a little sorry to leave Chewacla – it is a lovely state park. I'll have to put it on the list of places to return to.



Miko blending In

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