Saturday, March 22, 2014

When Is It Going To Get Warm

It was a blustery night last night in Pleasant Creek.  The wind was howling, the RV was getting buffeted and making some weird clunks.  Made it through the night just fine.

After taking the dog for a little walk and packing up, we hit the road around 9:30.  Overcast, wintery - just an all out yucky day.  Although the drive out of the park was sort of pretty in an eerie sort of way.

I'm thinking to myself that I this is not fun - I'm tired of driving all ready and it is only Day Two. I cross the Missouri border, the sun comes out, the wind dies down - I actually see a few blades of green grass.  Whoa - there is life after winter in Minnesota. 

Today is just a travel day - heading to St. Louis.  I pick an actual RV park this time.  I want to have water and electricity so I can de-winterize the rig.  I pick a place on the south east side of St. Louis called the Covered Bridge RV Park.  Sounds lovely, doesn't it.  Well, when Miko and I take our afternoon constitutional, I find that we are right next to the St. Louis waste management facility.  A very aromatic place.  We are down in a little valley, so the highway is about thirty feet above us.  It is a park with a lot of long term residents.  When I pulled it, the place next to me had three little girls, two yappy Yorkies and a guy in camouflage sitting out with his radio blaring.  Oh and it was expensive - $35 a night.  But, I decided to stay so that I could use the water and figure out if the plumbing system is all working.  Hopefully a hot shower is in story for me tonight.

As I write this, all is quiet in Covered Bridge RV Park.

My view tonight:

Tomorrow: Ulysses S. Grant Historical Site and Memphis Barbecue!!!


  1. Ok this is my 4th attempt at adding a comment...I hope it works.
    Love the blog and the pictures!!!
    As I was reading past blogs the thought did cross my mind that maybe we need to have an intervention on you about wearing that helmet of your while you are in and or around your vehicles?! Seriously....I have counted 3 head injuries in the less than 6 months.....I feel like I should be a little concerned ;-) Of course, I'm just giving you a hard time and I hope that you enjoy your adventure and am grateful you are ok. Drive carefully!

  2. I'm thinking a helmet might not be such a bad idea. Of course I would need to upgrade to a pink unicorn helmet like Anika's.