Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Poor Little Head

Today was a scurrying around day.  First up was a trip to the doctor's office to get the staple removed from my head.  I don't know why having a staple in my head amuses me so much - I guess red neck office supplies come to mind.  Originally I was supposed to keep the staple there until next Monday, but with my new travel plans, I thought I could get it removed and not have to worry about it during the trip.  The doctor said it was too soon to remove the staple.  I asked if I could keep it in for the three and a half weeks I was gone.  He said no way - it was a simple task to remove the staple, here let me give you a staple remover (red neck office supplies) and just ask anyone in the campground to remove it.  Not too sure what I am going to do - walk around asking if anybody wants to operate on my head?  I guess I'll figure it out as I go along.

Brought another load of highly prized personal belongings out to the RV.  Nobody could ever possibly say this girl travels light. I haven't tried out any of the mechanical functions of the RV yet so I turned on the propane and started up the stovetop and the furnace.  Both worked so at least I can cook and I won't freeze. 

I have a TPMS - a tire pressure monitoring system.  Basically you put these knobby things on the end of the tire valves and they are supposed to tell you if your tire is going to blow before it does.  Don't want to have a major blowout traveling down the road.  I was able to get three out of six programmed and installed.  Getting the other three installed will be something I can do in my spare time on the road.

I might have shared with some a picture of me after I ran into an RV mirror several weeks ago.

Well, the good news is that I no longer have raccoon eyes.  The bad news is that I ran into one of the slide outs on the RV today with my forehead and now have a big goose egg on my forehead.  I'm beginning to really feel sorry for my poor little head.

Tomorrow is launch day - icy roads are predicted for the morning.  I don't trust weather people, they always seem to blow minor little weather bits into major life threatening events.  I will see what it looks like tomorrow morning and hopefully I can start down the road. 


  1. Drive safely! I can't wait to hear about some good adventures.

  2. Funny blog entry. Geez, your RV is much more dangerous than riding Iceys. I think you need a helmet & facemask when you are near or in it!