Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Sun is Going to Shine Again

I ran into the insurance adjustor at the impound lot where they had towed my car.  The impound lot was a very cheery place (not).  I almost felt like I was visiting somebody in a maximum security prison with all the forms to sign, the fences with barb wire on top and the huge gates that are electronically controlled from a window high up off the ground.  It was a sad place, all these broken cars.  The adjustor seems to think that my car is not totaled and looking at it I guess it is not as bad as I thought when the accident first happened.  I have mixed feelings about him not totaling the car - yay - I don't have to hassle with trying to find a new car and all that goes with that and bummer - will they be able to fix everything on the car so it is like brand new.  What if they miss something major when they fix it?

Yesterday was farrier day at the barn.  Andri, my horse, was getting his nails done.  Horses need to have their hooves trimmed every six to eight weeks or so.  A couple of my friends who I consider my chief advisors were there also.  Jackie says to me - well, why don't you go on your trip anyway?  I said - I can't - I don't have a car.  I have a staple in my head.  It just wouldn't work.  Jackie says - this will be good - you can practice driving that new motorhome without hauling a car behind you.  If you need a car, you can rent one along the way.  Any nurse will take that staple out of your head.    After pondering it for a moment or two, I thought that this is an absolutely brilliant idea.  Why not?

I am leaving town Friday morning.  I think I am going to change the direction I travel.  Instead of going to Big Bend National Park in lower Texas, I think I will go to see the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama.  Spend a few days on the beach and then head up through Alabama to see my friend Kathy in Knoxville.  There are a few National Monuments/Historical Parks along the way that I can knock off my list.  I am stoked about the thought.  Especially since it is supposed to start getting cold again this weekend.  I am so outta here. 

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