Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 1 Wisconsin to Iowa

All systems go. Left River Falls at 10:40 and headed out. It had just started to sleet so I felt particularly fortunate that I was leavin' town. Headed south through Zumbrota and Red Wing – travel on little country roads. I rather liked it, I could go slow, I could figure out how to keep this huge rig in one lane without any semi distractions. It was a good primer on driving.

By 1:00, I entered my third state (Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa) Stopped at my favorite gas station right across the Iowa border in Lime Springs. As I'm filling up with gas ($150 – ouch), I notice one of my dually tires is really low. I tried to put air in it, but the air putter inner wouldn't fit on my valve. They sent me to see Brian in downtown Lime Springs (population 501). It took him about a half hour to figure out how to jury rig something that would work. When I asked him what I owed him, he said nada. I happened to have some absolutely incredible chocolate covered fruit – strawberries, pineapple and apple ( thanks Lou and Davey) and I gave him one. He was happy and I was happy watching him eat it.

This tire thing took a big chunk out of my day so I didn't get as far down the road as I was hoping. I ended up at Pleasant Creek State Park, just a little bit north of Cedar Rapids. Just electrical hookups but a great deal at $11 for the night. There are only two other campers here, it is pretty isolated but pretty. And most importantly – there is NO SNOW!!!! Took the dog for a long walk. The wind is blowing about thirty miles an hour – you have to lean into it to stay in place. I'm glad I'm not driving in it.

My daughter in law gave me Mace for Xmas, a very thoughtful present actually. I think I will read up on how to use it tonight. Just in case, ya know.

Tomorrow – St. Louis
View out my front window

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