Monday, March 24, 2014

Heads of State and MetalHeads

Packed up and started the day.  Today we started off by going to the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site.  This is the house where he courted his wife Julia Dent and where he tried to make a living farming.  There was a lot of info on how Grant who was a anti slavery guy tried to reconcile living on the farm with his slave owning father in law.  All of these presidential places all try to put the best face on their particular president and this place was no different.  I'm a little disappointed in this picture of White Haven - the colors did not come out quite right.  The Grants painted their house a color called Paris Green which was a bright lime color very popular in Victorian times. 

After I took the official house tour and visited the museum, I got Miko out of the RV and we walked around the grounds.  It was pretty brisk for being down south - I think only about 35 degrees but much better than it was in Minnesota.

Took off for the four hour drive to Memphis.  We travelled through FOUR states in an hour - Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi.  We are staying on the south side of Memphis, actually in Mississippi at the Southaven RV Park.  I am definitely not an RV park type of person.

The neighbors are just too close and it certainly isn't all that scenic.  BUT....the highlight of my day happened here.  I met my Facebook friend Val for the first time.  Val came over to visit and she was just as interesting and funny as she seemed to be as I got to know her on Facebook.  Not only did she bring tons of food - barbecue, cole slaw, twice baked potato salad, rolls, two types of dessert and sodas, she attempted to do something that only a true friend would do.  Remember that staple that was in my head?  The one the doctor said - oh, just have anyone take it out, it is easy.  Well, not so much.  The staple has gotten all twisted up in my head.  Good sport that she is, Val tried to take it out.  It was not to be.  Then she called some friends of hers that happen to be RNs, Mary Jo and Stephanie.  She drives me over to their house - half hour each way, sunday night at 9:00 so that they can operate on me.  No luck getting it out.  I think Val went way beyond the call of duty and  I am very grateful and happy that I got to meet her in person.  Tomorrow I will have to go to Urgent Care and see if I can get it out there. 

When we got back to the RV, I heard Miko howling in the RV.  I hope that is not something she does all the time - it will make it difficult if I have to leave her.  Of course, it will only be difficult if I am in RV parks where we are right on top of our neighbors.  If I am in a state park where there is room and privacy, not so much a problem except perhaps for her psyche 

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