Monday, March 24, 2014

Back To Nature

Ok ok ok.  I am typing this on my phone cause evidently people are beginning to wonder where I am.  Please forgive typos. I will add pictures when and if I ever get wifi.

Walked the dog around the tiny RV park, packed up and headed to Prime Urgent Care in Southaven Mississippi   After three hours I got to see the medical staff. I don't understand why they felt they had to do a complete medical history of me. I kept saying I was just there to get the staple out of my head but they were insistent that they needed to know all these other medical facts. It took a doctor and a nurse and several shots of Lidacaine to get that thing out of my head, but finally I was free.

We headed south to Tombigbee National Forest, about a four hour drive south of Memphis. Lovely day for a drive, I enjoy sitting up so high as I drive down the road. I could actually see into the truckers' cabs as they passed me. Let's just say, not a lot of neat and tidy truckers on the road.  I suppose if you live in your truck, it is hard to keep on top of it. I hold my own car up as an example of what can happen.

Educational part of the post. Tombigbee means "River of Coffins" or "Coffin Maker". During DeSoto's sojourn into the area, the resident Native Americans came in contact with the explorers. Many contracted diseases which produced high fever. To these people, the cool river was the "cure" for fever. By the time DeSoto left the area, the river was reported to be "full of the dead" from the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations.

On a better note:  this is a beautiful campground and forest. Lots of tall pines.  The only other people in this entire campground are the camp host and his wife, Richard and Ruth. Let me just say, Richard could talk the bark off of a tree. Vietnam Nam vet, retired Memphis fire fighter. Ruth kept telling Richard - let the poor girl go referring to me once Richard started talking. I picked a campsite at the other end of the campground from the hosts. I am about twenty feet from the lake, nestled In The Pines (Louvin Brothers song title). When I went outside at night, the stars were so bright - I can't remember when I've seen them so bright. It was really easy to pick out the various constellations.

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