Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Still in the Clouds - Georgia

Weather is beautiful. Mid seventies, sunny. Everything is blooming which means my nose is running. Out come the cold drugs.

Slept in and then moseyed around until it was trail time. This park is on the rim of a gorge. You can camp on either the west rim or the east rim. I am on the west rim. In the morning we hiked down, down, down ito the gorge. There are two waterfalls at the bottom. We got to the bottom along the river but could only see one waterfall because there were stairs with metal grates on them and it was hard for Miko to walk on them. That is ok, I was getting tired. As I started climbing all the way back up, I realized several things. One – I'm on the west side of the gorge – the sunny side, the hot side and although I am a much leaner person now, I don't have much muscle going for me. Guess it is something to work on, this getting back in shape thing. Ugh. 

Made another attempt to wash my windshield. I wet the thing down with the long handled sponge and scrubbed off the bugs. Then to dry the windshield so there were not water spots, I just turned on the windshield wipers. Clever I am. I also did laundry with my new-fangled pioneer washing machine.

We went for an evening stroll but this time instead of going down into the gorge, we walked around on top of the rim. Lots of giant rocks and deep, deep crevices. Miko seemed to have no trouble hanging out by the edges – myself, not so much. Nothing strikes fear in my heart like long drop-offs.

I took some pictures with my phone, but I can't seem to get the hang of a “good” picture. I'll have to study up on that, I guess.

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