Friday, January 9, 2015

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Last night I was so wiped out, I was asleep by 8:30. Anybody who knows me knows that I am really a night owl staying up usually until 1 or 2 in the morning. Shows you how tired I was. As a consequence of going to bed that early, I was up at 6 a.m. Wow – it is still dark out at that time. It was freezing out – Miko ran outside to do her morning ritual and was back in before I could get the door shut again.

Nothing much happened today – just road work. Traveled south through Iowa, into Missouri, thru Kansas City and got on the Kansas Turnpike. Gas up to the turnpike had been pretty much at $1.79 but on the turnpike it was $1.89. The road was wonderful, the skies were blue and it was sunny. A perfect driving day although it cost me $23.75 to get off of the turnpike. They charge by the axle and that puts me up to 8 axles. The toll booth lady actually apologized to me, bless her heart. She asked me if I was actually towing a car or if that car behind me was just following way too close.

As soon as we got off the turnpike, the roads deteriorated. I had planned ahead, finding camping spots along the way about every half hour or so, in case I got tired and wanted to stop driving. It was such a great day that I kept pushing on. Emporia – nope – not tired. Wichita – nope – not tired. South Haven – getting a little tired but just go another half hour and get into Oklahoma to Tonkawa.

I made it to Tonkawa where I had two RV parks to check out. I thought that maybe I should call ahead and called RV park #1 - Woodlake. Guy answered the phone and said nope – we are out of business. Called the 2nd RV park Pecan Grove and all I got was a recording. I drove about 10 miles off the freeway looking for Pecan Grove. It was an interesting drive – a little hilly and lots of back roads. I finally got to the RV park and it was basically a mobile home park. There were two muddy little places where transient Rvs could hook up but there was nobody around to ask if I could park there. Also there was a big sign on the office door that said “No Pets”. I guess that settled that. I was sort of glad, I didn't feel really good vibes at the park and you should always trust those vibes.

The next RV park selection was another hour down the freeway, about twenty minutes north of Oklahoma City. It was already 4:00 – sun was going to go down pretty soon. This time I called ahead to both parks and they both had openings. Headed south, watching the sun sink beneath the horizon unbelievably fast. I decide to stay at the Best Western Motel which was right on the freeway. They had about 10 RV spots behind the motel. Besides the empty pub party bus that was parked back there, we were the only ones out there. It was an expensive stop – about $37 a night. I grumbled about it a bit, but I was glad to be done for the day. Hooked up the electricity and settled in for the night.

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