Monday, January 19, 2015

Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Well Maybe Not

Called Jayco to see if there was some way to get my microwave fixed. Jayco told me that Frigidaire(the maker of the microwave) will be the one to get the microwave fixed and not only that but they have mobile repair people. Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. I called Frigidaire and got the name of two service centers in the area. I called the first one and the very first appointment they could possibly fit me in is in two weeks. They would not budge on that date and since I'm leaving town in a couple of days, it would not work out. I called the second service center and they just told me flat out that I was outside of their service area. So that little light at the end of the tunnel was quickly snuffed out. I think that I am going to have to bite the bullet and try to figure out where I am going to be in a couple of weeks and try to make an appointment in that area. I hate the idea of having to plan.

Walked the dog, met all of our new doggie friends from the RV park and then Lou and Davey picked me up. We were heading to San Antonio Shoe Makers, a shoe shop on the south side of town. San Antonio ShoeMakers (SAS) is more than a shoe shop. Outside they had quite a few perfectly restored vintage automobiles. My favorites were the cars from the late thirties and also the early fifties. Perfectly restored might not be the correct word as these cars had some beautiful paint jobs on them – I don't think the original paint jobs were even close to the rich hues these cars were painted.

SAS, besides shoes had five cent popcorn, soaps/lotions/marinades from the Texas area. They also had some clothes and little tchotchkes. I picked up one of those road trip games, License Plate Bingo which I thought would be an appropriate toy to play with on the trip.

We then headed up to the northwest part of town to see the San Antonio Botanical Garden (SABOT). In honor of MLK holiday weekend, they had opened the park up to dogs. Somebody had even made some pumpkin doggie treats. I felt bad that Miko wasn't with me, so I quickly stuffed a pumpkin treat in my pocket when nobody was looking.

The first part of the park was really peaceful and it was refreshing to see so much green. SABOT has a small little Japanese garden but the part that I really liked was the Sensory Garden. They had built this garden for blind people. There were all sorts of fragrant plants for the nose and they also had wind chimes for the ears. There were also some trees whose leaves would really rustle when the wind blew. What a wonderful idea.

SABOT also had a conservatory which housed different Eco-systems. One area was tropical ferns, another was an Orangerie and another was different types of cactus. We were there for a couple of hours and it was getting warm and we were getting thirsty. We decided to bail out before we hit the East Texas section or the Hill Country section, since we had been living in the hill country for a week and we were going to be spending a lot more time in the Texas countryside.

Lou and Davey went out to dinner with their relatives and I stayed home and did laundry, walked the dog and just sort of hung out. I did watch a new show for me – Jane the Virgin. I think I am going to have to find the first season. It seems quirky and a little sarcastic. Traits I find very amusing and appealing.

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