Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Peach Country

Time to move on – get the show on the road. Enough of this lounging around, enjoying peace and quiet and nature. Things to do, places to go.

Today is a long travel day. I am going to travel from north of Dallas southwest down to a little town called Stonewall. It is going to be a long day on the road. It is overcast, gloomy – I haven't seen the sun since last week.

First we need to go around Dallas/Fort Worth. I usually have two GPS units going at the same time. One is the one that is in the dashboard of the RV and the other one is my iPhone. It amuses me how they disagree. I tend to believe the iPhone more than the RV. In this case, the RV wanted to take me right through the center of Dallas. That does not seem to be a very prudent thing to do. The iPhone is taken me around the west side of Ft. Worth. Much nicer. It is freeway, no too stressful. Of course, it couldn't last.

Pretty soon we are on a two lane road. It wasn't too bad because there were shoulders. BUT, the speed limit was 75. What is with these Texans? 75 on a windy, curvy hilly road? Then we came across about 50 miles of road construction. Thank goodness Texans make you slow down when you are going through road construction. They actually dropped the speed limit all the way down to 65.

They do have one road habit that I really like. There will be a sign that says Passing Lane 1 mile. Then all the slow traffic moves over to the right – the speedsters get to pass and all is right with the world. Then at the end of the passing lane, they will tell you how long it is until the next one.

The country started changing, becoming more hilly as I moved into “Hill Country”. Flat land replaced by hills, cows replaced by goats. Tons and tons of goat farms. Also, evidently the area I was driving into is Peach Country and Winery Country. I've always thought peaches only came from Georgia. Guess I'm wrong again.

After about six hours of driving, I pulled into Peach Country RV Park. As y'all know – I'm not a fan of RV parks and this just reinforced my opinion. The parking slots were extremely close to each other and my next door neighbor looked like he had been there for a really long time. Lots of junk in his little yard although I did get a kick out of his six foot tall plastic palm tree. They had a small fenced in area that Miko could run a little bit. She chased the tennis ball I was throwing until I happened to throw it over the fence into no man's land – a place I couldn’t get it back from. It was a brand new ball too.

This place is very quiet even though everybody is right on top of one another. And the location was great for my plans for tomorrow.

Notice the palm tree:

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