Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lazy Daze

Tomorrow we head out into the Wild West so today was supposed to be a get-ready-to-go day.

Walked the dog, told my fellow travelers what the on-the-road plans were. Lou and Davey do not like to plan to much. I love to plan. It is a heavenly relationship. Side note: Just cause I like to plan does not in any shape, way or form mean that I will follow through with said developed plan.

Davey came over and looked at my non-functioning front steps and then I followed them to H-E-B, the monster grocery chain down here. What a fantastic store. Lou and Davey did their shopping but I think I was in the store for a couple of hours. Didn't want to miss anything that I might need for my trip into the boonies in the next couple of weeks.

Saw these ladies shopping in H-E-B

I was supposed to come back to the RV and get all ready to go for tomorrow. So far, hasn't happened. I have to get up super early, need to get gas and propane and hook the car up so we can rock and roll.

So, really a wonderful, sunny, 84 degrees, do nothing type of day.

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