Monday, January 12, 2015

Laying Even Lower

I've decided to stay one more night here. This is a pleasant place and I think I am dreading getting back on the road. My next destination, according to Google Maps, is a 4.5 hour drive which means it will take me 5.5 at least. Don't know how that happens but I can never seem to get someplace in the time allocated.

Walked the Randy Bell Scenic Trail – I actually took off my jacket and gloves on this walk. I think I may put my winter gloves away and pull out my lighter weight ones. I will be discarding my snow gear one item at a time – no need to jump into total southern weather. Being from Minnesota, I realize that the weather gods could turn on you at any moment. So caution is warranted.

I left Miko in the RV and went up to the park office to pay for another night($25). I confirmed that it was coyote scat I was seeing and that armadillos are totally safe. I was cautioned not to pick one up though. That hadn't been on my agenda so all is good.

I drove up to Pilot Point about 5 miles away. I could not believe the horse properties I was passing. These were mansions with acres and acres of beautiful fields around them. The fences were all hard core metal – not the electric tape ones we see up north and it all looked picture perfect. I have never seen such spreads. Looked like properties you would see in movies or on the TV show Dallas.

Pilot Point had a grocery store and a hardware store. I stopped into the hardware store to pick up my plumbing supplies that had broken when I first tried to hook up my water. At the grocery store, they did not have any garlic. WHAT? Garlic is the stuff of life, people. How can you not have garlic? I did find some Chocolate/Raspberry Greek Yogurt. Now that sounds interesting.

Gas is now $1.69

I have to say that everybody here is extremely polite. Eve the teenagers. It is all 'Yes Ma'am' and 'How are you today, Ma'am'. A guy even carried out my two tiny bags of groceries to my car. It makes me a more polite person. At least I'm going to try to be more polite. It is good to have goals. 

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