Sunday, January 18, 2015

Social Butterflies

When Lou and Davey left last night, Lou said – let's walk in the morning. I set my alarm, it rang, I shut it off and fell back asleep. Lou shows up at my door at 9:00 raring to go and I am groggy as hell and tell her that I had some rowdy company last night and it was taking me a while to recover.

Did our morning walk and then we headed over to see Lou and Davey's friends: Pat and Witt. They live about 15 minutes away from the RV park. It was fun to drive the back roads there, the roads and neighborhoods that you don't get to see just hanging out on the freeways. Pat and Witt have a lovely front yard, gated as all proper Texans should. They were going to drive us into town in their Tesla. This car was pretty amazing. It is super quiet and there is a great attention to detail. When Witt got out of the car and started walking away, the door handles melted into the car doors leaving a totally smooth surface. Beautiful car.

We went to the San Antonio Museum of Art – SAMA. I'm not sure what the buildings were before they were an art museum, but they looked like they could possibly have been an old brewery. The special exhibit was Picasso's Tapestries which I thought would probably be pretty boring. Wrong....

I've always thought Picasso was interesting, but he never really spoke to me. Listening to a docent speak helped change my attitude. It is a case of when you start to understand more about something, it can become more like a dear friend. Well, dear friend is still probably a stretch, but the docent made the art much more interesting. Picasso had painted quite a few paintings. The Rockefeller commissioned him to create tapestries based on these paintings. Not only did the docent talk about the paintings, she also talked about the process. Once they decided on a painting, Picasso and a weaver would spend a great deal of time in picking out yarns and working to do a reproduction of the painting.

There were several other exhibits that I found fascinating. One was Japanese ceramics and pottery. It was amazing the types of finishes that these Japanese could come up with. A lot of depth and vibrant colors. The other exhibit I enjoyed was Mexican Folk Art. Worth the price just for the colors.

It was lunch time and the museum staff recommended a place just down the street from SAMA. It was called the Luxury Café. It was right on the river and it was outside What more did you need? It was very dog friendly, lot of different shapes and sizes of dogs. You stood in line for a half hour and then placed your order. They had large plastic animals that you would place on your table so the waitress could find you when your food was ready. It took about another half hour for the food to reach us. That was ok – the company was good. The five of us commandeered a table that had a lone young man sitting at it. Poor guy, having to sit with all of us geezers. He was a charming guy, in San Antonio for a business conference. He worked for the VA developing some computer system for the VA.

Witt, Pat, Me and Davey:

After lunch, we headed back to Pat and Witt's place. They have this water tower type thing that hold corn and they feed the deer twice a day. The corn sprays out of this tower thing in a circular way and the deer come and eat. When we drove up their driveway, there must have been about fifteen deer all sitting there wondering why dinner was so late. They were pretty tame, did not spook, probably they are all used to seeing Witt and Pat around.
It was so nice meeting Witt and Pat – they are lovely people and great fun. I'd go out and play with them again anytime.

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