Saturday, January 17, 2015

McNay Art Museum and the Japanese Tea Gardens

Stopped by Lou's house this morning and picked her up to go walk Miko around the park. According to my Fitbit, which counts the number of steps I've taken, it was about 3800 steps. I'm thinking that is about a mile walk. Beautiful day – lots of blue sky and sun.

Lou and Davey had plans to meet some friends. I had plans to head into San Antonio. I decided to take Miko with me because my second stop was dog friendly.

First up was the McNay Art Museum. When I was in San Antonio 10-15 years ago I had visited the McNay and loved it. Mrs. McNay started collecting art in the early 1900s and when she died in the fifties, she donated her house and her art collection. I think the museum started out with 700 art pieces. They now own 16,000 pieces. The house is a wonderful house – a two story mansion that is built around a central courtyard that houses a koi pond surrounded by greenery of all sorts. Since I was at the museum last they have added on several different wings.

The special exhibit was World War II photographs. Some of the photographs were ones we all know – the raising of the American flag over Iwo Jima and that picture of the sailor kissing the nurse on VJ day. I found the exhibit to be so very touching – all of these people were so young and to have to go through all that they did – it seems like every time period has it's tragic moving moments, but to have so many people go through this same experience at the same time adds a certain amount of resoluteness and bitter sweetness.

Here is a picture for Heidi who loves(as we all do) Georgia O'Keefe


And then there was a picture for Tony who is a Modigliani fan


I could not stay very long in the museum because Miko was in the car and I was worried that it would get too warm for her so I headed outside. Let me tell you about my car – it is a Ford Focus which according to my service guys has a manual transmission encased in an automatic transmission. Ok, whatever. I'm not too sure exactly what that means. When you open the driver's side door, there is all this clicking as the transmission adjusts itself. It is fairly subtle – click, click. Ford did a recall on this transmissionand I brought my car in to get this transmission fixed. Well, after the museum, I opened my driver's side door and all of a sudden there is this boom, boom, boom – the car is shaking – I seriously thought it was going to blow up or something. I grabbed Miko's leash and got her out of the car and ran over to the other side of the parking lot. It was probably 30-60 seconds before the shaking stopped. I wasn't too sure what to do. I have a remote start on the car, so I thought that I would start the car from across the parking lot ad see if it blew up. Started the car and it started just the way it was supposed to, no fireworks. Everything seemed to be working just fine so I put Miko back in the car and we started driving. When I get back up north, my first stop will be the Ford dealer who supposedly fixed the transmission.

On to the Japanese Tea Gardens which is located right next to the San Antonio zoo. Keep in mind, this is a Saturday and it is a beautiful day. I think most of San Antonio thought it would be a great day to go to the zoo. Crowds and crowd – hardly any parking. After we got situated, Miko and I started walking through the gardens. They were setting a private event in the pagoda – I think it might have been a wedding. The koi ponds had either been emptied or they were very shallow, probably because of the cold weather that Texas has been having the last few weeks. It was still a delightful way to spend a warm sunny afternoon.



More Garden:


As I was leaving, a young girl named Esther wanted to have her picture taken with  Miko.  She was downright insistent.   She was really pleased that she got her picture taken.
Esther and her mom:

We walked around for a bit and then headed home where I put the mat out and spent the rest of the afternoon putzing around and brushing Miko.

Lou called and said they were on the way home from their friends house. They picked up a pizza and stopped by to offer me some. I graciously declined (for about five minutes) and then we ate and drank for the rest of the night.

A lovely day.

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