Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sun Glorious Sun

It is so nice having full hookups. Every now and then it is nice to take a nice residential length shower. Nothing makes you feel more decadent than a long long shower.

There is sun today. I haven't seen any sun for over a week. Nothing makes you feel more decadent than getting out in some sunshine.
After walking the dog, I decided that I would go check out the town of Boerne. Boerne, the town of home furnishings – at least that is what most of the stores seem to be. Antiques and home furnishings. I stopped at Cosas which is a store of Mexican Folk Art. Besides amazing painted furniture, this shop had a huge assortment of Mexican Folk Art. I ended up buying an inexpensive little hanging thing for the RV – don't know how long I will have it hanging in the RV, but it just seemed to go with the day. Crazy, huh?
I then treated myself to lunch at the Peach Cafe. It was in an old house. Each room had beadboard painted in a different color. It was rather charming. I had a Capresse Panini. It was a ton of Mozzarella, tons of basil and some tomato. I was sort of glad I was by myself since it was extremely messy and my mother would have been ashamed of my table manners.

One of the shops I went into was the Boerne Wine Company. I went in and asked about what wines were from the area since there were so many Winerys around. This place was very upscale – three men dressed all in black with European accents, plus marble countertops, subdued lighting.
Evidently, the way it works is that you buy these little credit cards for $25. Then you decide which wine you want. The bottles are in these cases.

Each bottle is open and has a tube inserted into it. You insert your card into the machine and then push the button above the bottle you want and it dispenses the amount of wine you paid for into a glass. Sort of like that automats of the fifties. I did not want to pay the $25 so one of the guys took his card and got me a couple of small glasses of wine with the idea that I would pay him personally for the wine I drank. The owner(manager?) came over to talk to me. We talked for quite awhile about what I needed to see in Texas (hot springs , shooting stars) We talked for quite a while and then I left, totally forgetting that I owned the other guy money for my wine. I'm feeling rather guilty about it and will have to go back to pay my debt.

After tooling around town a little bit longer, I came home, took the dog for a walk and then set my lawn chair out in the sun and just sat and soaked it up. What a treat – I think the the temperature got up to 60 degrees.


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