Monday, January 26, 2015

Santa Elena Canyons (GOT)

Today is our last day at Big Bend. We decided to drive all the way over to the other side, the western side of the park to the Santa Elena Canyon. It is about an hour drive. We passed our old friends the Chisos Mountains, we actually circled right around them and arrived at the Canyon. All I can say is WOW!!!. The canyon walls are 1500 feet tall. It is awe inspiring.
The trail crossed a dry stream bed and then climbs part way up the wall.  It is a bunch of switch backs so it is not too bad.  The Rio Grande is right there and it is very green.  You can't see very far down in to the water, it is not very clear.  It is very cool in the canyon and peaceful.  I think this was my best day in Big Bend. 

If you ever watch the show Game of Thrones, the Wall in the North is made of ice and I think I read that it was supposed to be 1500 feet tall. I had no idea how tall that actually is until I saw Santa Elena.

I am just going to show pictures of the day.



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