Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just How Many Times Do I Have to Go To The Store

Today was the day to knock off another National Historic Site off of my list. Fort Davis National Historic Site to be precise. This was a fort built in the mid 1800s to protect civilians on their way out west. It was laid out a little strangely in that there were no walls. It was just basically an army base. They had enlisted barracks, officer quarters and the commandant’s house all furnished with period pieces. A nice little movie about the history of the place. They spent a little bit of time talking about the Buffalo Soldiers who were stationed here. Buffalo Soldiers were black cavalry soldiers.

Tonight I was entertaining Lou and Davey at my house. That meant I had to go shopping. I was making Jamaican Chicken with black beans. Overall, in the course of prepping this meal, I had to go to the store three friggin' times. I even had a list for two of those times. Dinner turned out pretty good although because of the amount of curry used in the dish, my house smelled like an Indian restaurant. I guess it was a good way to test out my exhaust fan on the microwave.

I can't find my camera.  RVs aren't all that big - you would think that things wouldn't get lost in there. 

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