Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Travel Day

Today we head out from San Antonio. We planned to leave at the ungodly hour of 9:00 which means that I need to get up at 6. For the first time in many days, I saw the sunrise. It was one of those really pretty sunrises – the sun reflecting off of the clouds giving them a red glow. Maybe I will have to start getting up early to see more of these sunrises. Who knew they were so pretty. Nah – ain't gonna happen.

I wanted to get gas and propane and I wanted to do it before I hooked up the car. It just makes it easier to maneuver around parking lots and gas stations if I don't have the car hooked up. I also wanted to give the dog a good walk since most of the day she was going to have to spend in the RV, something she really dislikes.

Gas was $1.72 a gal. I'm loving the gas prices especially since I needed 60 gallons. Propane was a lot cheaper also. $2.48 a gallon. Amazing when I think that I paid $4.78 in Minnesota before I left.

We hit the road and decided to take the scenic route rather than the freeway. It is much more interesting and this part of Texas, the hill country, is really pretty. Lots of hills, curves, trees – it was pleasurable. Dave and Lou were leading our convoy which was nice because I got to sight see a little bit more than if I was leading. After we got through the hills, it started to get more like what you would think West Texas was like – sagebrush and sand.

We cut across over to the Rio Grande Valley. Not the Rio Grande where all the snowbirds go which I understand is green, but the Rio Grande Valley where it is much more desolate. We passed a border inspection point on the other side of the highway which reminded me of where I was. On the right side of the road, there was another dirt road paralleling the road we were on. In three different places, I saw Border Patrol trucks driving down the road, each of them dragging three truck tires behind them down this dirt road. When I asked somebody later about them, they said that the Border Patrol go down this dirt road looking for human foot prints crossing this road. Then , after they have down the check, they smooth out the road with these tires. I wonder why we don't do this with the Canadian border? :-)

We arrived at Amistad National Reservoir which is the third largest man made lake in the world. This area is known for it's bass fishing and hunting. Since we didn't have a boat or a hunting license, we watched movies instead. We watched one on the creation of Amistad, another on the Big Bend National Park where we are heading and one on Rock Art which was also relevant. Davey nodded off during the first movie, I nodded off during the second movie and I think Lou nodded off during the third movie.

We continued another half hour up the road to Seminole Canyon State Park. We have sites across from one another. Water and Electricity. They said that they have WiFi throughout the park but I have been unable to get online.

The land outside my windows is crazy desolate. It reminds me of western North Dakota. It feels like North Dakota also. We are on a hilltop and the wind is rather brisk. Good thing I got my propane filled up so I can run my furnace.

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