Sunday, January 11, 2015

Laying Low

Took a NyQuil last night – that stuff just knocks me out. Before I went to sleep, there was the nice gentle sound of rain on the roof. Zonked out and didn't wake up until 9:00. Miko slept in also.

It is sort of a drizzly day out there – but we are talking mid forties. Balmy. Miko and I go out to hike the park. There is a 2.2 mile circular hike that seems like a good choice to start our outdoor adventures. I get on the trail and find it puzzling. They have laid concrete the whole 2.2 miles. I'm not sure what to think. On one hand, there is definitely no way that you will get lost and it would also be good if you were movement challenged and had to use adaptive devices. On the other hand, it does take a little bit away from the getting back to nature aspect. In the words of Joni Mitchell – 'they paved paradise/put up a parking lot'

It was a pleasant hike. Not too hilly. Tried out my new hiking shoes – pleased to say I got back with no blisters. They are a little heavier than my normal shoes so that takes some getting used to. It is sort of like late fall in Minnesota where all the leaves have fallen and we are waiting for it to snow.

One interesting thing on the trail was that on the far side of the trail, away from the campground, about every 100-200 feet on the trail were big piles of scat (official word for poop). I couldn't figure out what could have possibly made these piles. Did you know that on the internet they have scat identification sites where you can figure out what type of animal have left their deposits? Based on my intensive research, I figured out that it must be coyotes. There sure must be a lot of them in the park. I'll be keeping an eye out when I let Miko out at night.

The campsite:

Path down to lake behind the RV

View out my back bedroom window – told you it was a gloomy day

I saw something I don't think I have ever seen: a real live armadillo. We were just doing our evening jaunt through the campground and there he was, off on the side between two campsites, shuffling through the leaves. I couldn't remember if armadillos are dangerous – will he charge at us, chase us down the road, bite our legs off. I don't know, I'm a northern city girl. We stood there and watched him for a while and he took no notice of us. So, I decided I would make some noise. Nothing from Mr. A. We moved closer, I yelled, I stomped my feet. Nothing. He just went about his business snuffling along. Miko was curious, but wasn't as interested as she is when she sees deer. Something about deer just set her off and she loses all control.

My microwave doesn't seem to be working. Lights come on, the plate twirls around but there aren't any microwaves beaming my food hot. This is unfortunate because for the first part of the trip I brought a lot of frozen foods. I am going to have to rethink my menu planning. I'm hoping that when I get to San Antonio, I will be able to find a Jayco dealer to get it fixed. The RV is still under warranty and it seems like this is something that should be covered.

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