Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day in Miniature or The Desert is a Dangerous Place Part II

I'm pretty excited because today I am going to get together with my 2nd cousin Ann. Ann is a special person to me. I knew of her when I was growing up, but never knew her. That changed several years ago when I accompanied my mother down to Tucson because she wanted to visit her cousin. I don't know what happened, but I just connected with Ann. It was like we had been close family members forever. I really wish she lived closer to me so I could spend more time with her.

I picked her up at her senior apartment and we were off to the Mini Time Museum of Miniatures. This museum contains over 275 little houses and room boxes. Some of these houses were totally amazing in the amount of detail. There were tiny little tapestries that had been woven. Little tiny gold edged plates, little toy soldiers only a quarter inch tall. I thought that this museum would be entertaining in a bizarre sort of way – sort of like the largest ball of twine, something along that line. But, this was way beyond that – it was almost awe-inspiring. What was interesting to me was that there were several men in the museum and I would over hear them saying things like “how did they do that” or “this is incredible”. You would think that all of these doll houses would not be so fascinating. There were many different houses/rooms from around the world. There was also an area called “The Enchanted Realm” where they had fantasy rooms – miniature mice, fairies, elves, dragons.

One exhibit that was interesting was one where they made life size replicas of famous diamonds, such as the Hope diamond. They would talk about the history of the diamond, how it was cut, the affect it had on various historical figures. They had miniatures of the people who were associated with the diamond.

Ann took me out to lunch to a restaurant called Relish. She had a grilled three cheese sandwich which was to die for, I had a chicken wrap which had cilantro sour cream in it. Excellent.

When I got back to home, I took Miko for her nightly walk. The sun was setting, beautiful sunset as usual. There is a paved road through the campground, I'm walking along, it is getting dark and I fall off of the road. What? An inch difference between the blacktop and the desert and Bam, I go do a face plant – well, actually a palm plant. Both of my palms got really scrapped up. What a clutz.

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