Monday, February 9, 2015

The Desert is a Dangerous Place

Time to leave City of Rocks – it was a lovely place to stay but it is time to move on.

I'm unhooking everything and go to unhook the water. They have placed the water faucet right next to a lovely Yucca plant. When I hooked up the water, I got stabbed by one of those fine little leaves and it hurt. But that was two days ago, so who remembers any of that. Bam – right in the side of the head. Ouch, does that hurt. Didn't think anything about it until I noticed big globs of bright red blood dripping over my sunglasses. Minor head wounds are interesting – even if it is a minor little cut, it looks like something tragic has happened with all the blood flowing. I staunch my wound and am totally bummed because the blood has dripped all over my vintage 1980s t-shirt – the MVVM (Minnesota Vietnam Veterans Memorial) t-shirt. I am bummed to the max. But, we must soldier on.

We drive 2.5 hours to Willcox Arizona. I will get another sticker in my “I've slept here” sticker book. The park is called the Magic Circle RV Park. It is just a big gravel parking lot, but it has wifi, cable tv and most importantly Laundry. I am happy to report that my t-shirt is now blood-less and squeaky clean.

Speaking of squeaky clean – I have been trying an experiment with my hair. Since I have left Minnesota a month ago, I have not washed my hair with commercial shampoo or conditioner. That is not to say that I haven't washed my hair. It is called the no-poo movement. It would be nice if they came up with a better name. I've been washing my hair with baking soda and then using an apple cider vinegar rinse. There was a small adjustment time which is why I did this away from most people that I know. I've been pretty happy with the results – my hair is super soft, has a lot more body and even though the hair is getting pretty long, the natural curl is back. The hair is still adjusting, but I'm hoping that it will continue improving. Stay tuned.

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