Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Big City Phoenix

special thanks to Pete Lee for the postcard

I just want to show you a shot of me doing laundry. I know, some of you up north might consider it mean, but oh well.

Royal Palms Pool

Originally I was moving into Phoenix because I wanted to go to the Phoenix Art Museum and a few other cultural attractions. Of course, I don't have to stick to any set plan and today is no exception.

One of the things I wanted to do since I started Rving was to go to an RV Rally. An RV Rally is usually sponsored by an RV company or an RV club. I just happened to notice that there was an RV Rally in Phoenix this weekend. Whoopee. It is sponsored by Good Sam club and is located at the Phoenix International Raceway, about a half hour away. I headed down there, got a day pass for $10, got on a tram and went into the center field(is that what you call the middle part of a racetrack?) Fifty zillion Rvs were all located there, all shapes and sizes. The more interesting part was the shopping. All the things that you never knew you that you absolutely needed for the RV lifestyle. It was sort of like the grandstand shopping at the Minnesota State Fair. Believe it or not I did not buy anything. I do not think I need to go to anymore Rallies in the future unless there are some fabulous seminars or something extra special that will draw me in.

I just want to show you two pictures that show you why I like State Parks more than RV Parks.

Guess which one is the State Park. 


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