Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sure are a lot of hills in Arizona

Note to Self: When planning on a day of hiking, one should perhaps get up a little early so one does not have to hike during the hottest part of the day
Note to Self Part II: When hiking during the hottest part of day, perhaps one should not wear Black T-shirt.
The Desert is Starting to Bloom

Miko Hitting The Trail

Today I'm going to do the Callaway Trail and the Nature Trail. Rather short little trails, but probably more my speed. We got into the car and drove over. The Callaway Trail goes up to an overlook and when I say up, I mean up. Lots of climbing – it is a pretty rocky trail and narrow. It was hard to find a spot to get off the trail to let others pass, either going up or down. While you are on this trail, you can look over to the face of the Peak and see the die-hard hikers climbing up on this side of the Peak. Tiny little specks but it looked like it was a hard climb. I was perfectly happy to putz along on my trail of choice. As it was, when I got back, I had climbed 30 flights of stairs according to my FitBit. I don't know how it measures flights, but it sure sounds impressive to me.
During one of my many walks around the campground, I ran into a couple of fellow campers who graciously invited me over to their campsite for Happy Hour. Charles and Jeannie are from the Phoenix area and are just a blast. Charles butchers his own meat and he insisted that I stay for dinner. He grilled this most incredible steak, melt in your mouth tender. Jeannie's passion is music and is a very accomplished vocalist and songwriter. I really hope she follows her dreams and goes for it. I enjoyed my evening immensely. I should also mention that Charles is a mountain biker and in one of his rides today around the park, he came across an ostrich farm.  He took the most hilarious video of an ostrich, who once she saw Charles started flirting outrageously. 
Such great fun to sit under the stars, drinking wine with good people.

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