Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Catch Up

It has all of a sudden come to my attention that I have forgotten to update the blog. It is hard to keep on top of chores as each day sort of melts into the next. So, this blog entry will cover three days. Then I think I am caught up.

My first day at White Tank, Miko and I drove down to the Library/Nature Center three miles down the road from the campground. I wanted to find out which trails I should make sure that I don't miss in my limited time here. I also wanted to check out the status of the local rattlesnakes in the area since Arizona is experiencing a much warmer than normal winter and the snakes are starting to come out.

Our first trail was called the Waterfall/Petroglyph Trail. Part of it was paved and it was wheelchair accessible for most of the trail. All along the way there were Petroglyphs and at the end, you climbed over some rocks to get to the Falls. I was fortunate enough to see the falls or at least the little trickle they were calling the Falls. I suppose during times of rain, there would be more. I'm having a hard time adjusting to the water situation here in Arizona, coming from the Land of 10,000 lakes as I am. Here, as you are crossing a bridge, there will be a sign that says La Carimba River(or something like that) and then you cross over a dry wash. Arizona must really be something to see during their monsoon season in the summer. 

Antique Graffiti

Can you see the waterfall on the right hand side?  Going into the pool?  Naw, me either


The next trail we tried was a combination of most of the trails in the park – or at least a part of each one of the trails. The trails are so flat that it hardly seemed like we were trail walking.
What? What Hazards? Where?  Where?

There was a really nice two mile trail behind the campground that we would do every night.
Nice except for the Cholla Forest that we had to go thru

Sunsets were glorious each night.


On Wednesday, we had to leave White Tank and move into Phoenix. I wanted to see some art museums and get a little culture, but the main reason is that I really need to do laundry. I am now in a full service park where everybody is packed in like sardines. There is a busy road right outside the park fence (yes, I am in a gated +55 community). Traffic, sirens -after spending a couple of weeks in state parks, this is like sensory overload. Other than that, it is a nice park I have water, electric and sewer hookups for a measly $16 a night. I have earplugs to deal with the sirens. I think I am set.

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