Friday, April 4, 2014

Another low-key day

It rained today. Not just any rain, but a flood your basement rain, a run for the ark type rain. Crashing lightning simultaneously with thunder. Quite exciting. I'm pleased to say that the RV did not leak Well, except for the roof vent I left open, oh and maybe that back window that was open also – luckily I got them both closed within a couple of minutes of the storms start. I'm also pleased to say that the RV did not move at all when the high winds came through. By ten o'clock, the storm had passed. Putzed around until late afternoon when Kathy, Bill and I trekked back into Knoxville for a doctor's appointment that Bill had.
Each day I figure out something new in the RV.  One day, how the ice maker works, today it was how the passenger seat moves forward, backwards and up and down.  Such simple things that give such great joy.   

Picked up some supplies from Traders Joe's and ate dinner at Don Gallo – a Mexican restaurant. I had fish and shrimp tacos. I think fish tacos are such a welcome addition to the mexican cuisine. I don't remember fish tacos as an option when I was growing up. Mediocre wine and lovely tacos.

Watched the movie Despicable Me 2. I have such a soft spot for Gru, the lead (villain/hero) in the movie.

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