Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spooky Times

April 8

My son's birthday today.  Happy Birthday Aaron!!!!

Changing states, moving on north. Beautiful day for driving but windy. Really hate the wind when I'm driving something as tall as this vehicle. Drove through flat, flat Illinois into flat, flat Iowa.  I found a park called Maquoketa Cave State Park. Evidently the big draw here are the bat caves. Before you tour the bat caves you have to attend a lecture on white nose syndrome - a communicable disease that bats get. It is deadly for bats. Not to worry, the bat caves were closed because evidently the bats are still hibernating. I would have liked to see the bats, the caves notsomuch.

I drove into this campground and there was not a single soul around. No campers, no rangers, nobody. It was sort of spooky being all alone. The park itself is lovely, lots of pine trees, it smelled great. The ground was soft and springy from all the pine needles. I found a suitable place and parked.  I then noticed I was in Site #13. Eerier and eerier. Miko and I went hiking - this is a nice time of year, nothing is blooming so you can see quite a ways through the woods. I finally found one guy working in the park, gathering up leaves in the park with a big front loader. I flagged him down and asked him where I could find a ranger. Lo and behold, this was Mr. Ranger.  I told him I was camping because I thought it would be good if at least one person knew I was down in the campground.

When Miko and I did our sunset walk, the owls were hooting away and adding more to the spooky atmosphere. It was an extremely quiet night - good sleeping weather.

Miko basking in the sun:

The deserted campground:

Iowa woods - nothing green here:

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