Thursday, April 3, 2014


Did a lot of chore running around with Kathy. Everything in Knoxville is at least a half hour drive from Kathy's house so a lot of time was spent in the car.

It has been cold all over the country even down south here in Tennessee. The difference between Minnesota and Tennessee is that we insulate our houses much better than in Tn. During one of the cold snaps, some water pipes in Kathy's ceiling broke and flooded out most of her house. This happened to a lot of people down here. It has taken Kathy three months to get her house back into shape. She had no kitchen during that time, doing dishes in her bathtub. The house is finally put back together with one last detail. Getting the wireless hooked up. As we all know who live with Comcast, that one little task took several hours.

I'm finding that driving long distances in the RV, my lower back gets a little sore. So the search is on for a lumbar support thingamabob. I have one already but I need a more extreme one. I'm still looking.

As I use the RV, I am figuring out little things that I want to adjust in the RV. One of the things is that the driver's seat swivels around and sort of a lounger. When you are lounging, there is no place to put a glass down next to you. So I am looking for a small side table. Kathy just happened to have a perfect table that worked so now I am extremely close to all the creature comforts of home.

Went to lunch at P.F.Changs which was good eating even though it went against my “never go to a chain restaurant when traveling” mantra.

Ended the day by shoveling horse manure. All in all, a good day.

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