Saturday, April 5, 2014

Last Day in Knoxville - Knoxville Girl

I'm getting ready to hit the road tomorrow and start the journey north. According to the Mountain Driving book that I have, I have to drive a downhill 5/6% grade. I'm not sure how big of a grade that is, but it sounds scary. We shall see.

What a wonderful day today. Had to go to the dump – Kathy doesn't have garbage pickup and we had to haul garbage to the dump. Then to Walmart for a few supplies.

Then the day started to get great. Knoxville is really promoting itself as a dog friendly city. They have been developing all these dog parks and we decided to check one of them out. We took Jaspar, the whippet and Miko.   Miko likes dog parks although she sometimes gets a little carried away. She finds a dog she wants to play with and then is obsessive with that dog, barking if the other dog doesn't want to play with her. Jasper, on the other hand, has never been to a dog park and was a little overwhelmed. He stuck pretty close to us and just did little ventures out into the park. He got a little nervous anytime another dog came up to say hi to him, but by the end of our visit actually ran a little bit. He just needs more time to get used to the idea of doggie mayhem.

Came back home and Kathy and Bill rode their horses. I then got to ride Logi, one of my favorite horses of all time. He wasn't too happy with me because I was making him work and actually walk like the majestic Icelandic horse that he is. Got some tolt and trot out of him and just enjoyed myself immensely. I don't think Logi enjoyed it quite as much as I did. Kathy then rode Logi and I got to boss them around a little bit as I pretended to give them a riding lesson. I had great fun.

Met up with a few people(Ann and Donna) that I have met over the years since I started to visit Kathy in Knoxville. These are southern women – it is so much fun not only to see them, but to listen to them talk with all their I reckon and y'alls . By the time they left, I was almost talkin' all mush mouth myself. I say that with a great deal of respect – it is a very pretty way to speak. Tennesseans have a nice soft southern accent.

Did a few chores around the motor home – heading out tomorrow – next stop Indiana. I would have liked to spend the night in Kentucky someplace so I could knock that off my list of states I've slept in, but the mileage and timing won't work out very well. I probably will not have WiFi for a while, I will update the blog, but probably no pictures so check back for the pictures.
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