Monday, April 7, 2014

Rain, Rain Go Away

April 7
Lots and lots of rain driving north all the way up to Indianapolis. It was a hard driving day. The nice thing about being up so high in this bus is that all the road spray that you normally get from all the trucks is beneath you. I am the sprayer, not the sprayer. Love that.

Ended up in Illinois at the Clinton Lake State Park Reserve. It is near De Witt Illinois. The campground is nicely laid out in a series of spokes with perhaps six camping spaces per spoke. Another nice camping park. There were three camp hosts and three camping units such as mine. A camp host is somebody who the park hires to help out other campers. In this particular park, they get paid $1 a day but they get a free camping site with free utilities.  My personal camp host does this for a living spending her summers in Illinois and the winters someplace further south.

I set up camp in about five minutes in the pouring rain. I'm getting pretty good at setting up and breaking down camp. Breaking down is a little more stressful, trying to remember all the little details such as putting down the antenna or making sure the levelers are pulled up. The one task I seem to struggle with is making sure every single drawer and cabinet is shut tight. If they aren't, then as I drive down the road, I hear all this banging as the cabinet door slams open and then slams shut.

The rain finally stopped and we went out walking. Tons of deer, bunnies, pheasants, robins and cardinals.

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