Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tennessee-Kentucky-Indiana/We Be Movin' Feet

Hit the road around 9:30 or should I say I left Kathy and Bill's place then. It was sad to leave there. I always have such a good time. Since I'm heading back up north, I thought I should make sure my propane tanks were full since I need propane to run my furnace. I have a small electric heater that I use when it's not too cold so I don't use up my propane but it doesn't quite heat up the place when it gets really cold. Anyway, propane place didnt open until 10 and the proprietors were definitely on Tennessee time so I didn't actually get on the road until 10:30.

Gorgeous day to drive. Coming out of Knoxville, going north you are driving into the Cumberland Mountains.  The mountains are lovely, soft and rounded unlike the craggy Rockies. There is something about this area of the country that speaks to me.  I am in a constant state of awe. That 5-6% grade that I was so worried about?  Piece of cake.

As I went into Kentucky, the hills became softer and more rolling. It always amazes me when I get around the Lexington area, the huge horse spreads and how green the grass is - what a nice life all these horses seem to have.

Ended up at the Charlestown State Park, Indiana. It is about 20 miles north of Louisville.  Found myself  a nice secluded spot and did some maintenance. Today's learning point was how to flush out the black tank. I won't go into detail.

I'm typing on my phone and I haven't figured out how to add pictures yet but I have some nice ones so check this post in a few days

This park borders the Ohio River and Fourteen Mike Creek. Found a lovely trail along a bluff that overlooks the creek where we did our sunset walk. I have to say that I am surprised at how hilly this part of Indiana is. I've really only been along the freeways in Indiana and I guess I always thought Indiana was flat and nondescript. Surprise.

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