Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Passing Through Indiana

I loved my stay at Camp Walmart. It was quiet (even though it is open 24 hours), nobody hassles you, I had a sort of scenic view out one side (the side looking away from the parking lot) and behind the store, there was a huge mowed field that was perfect for walking the dog.
I have several friends on opposite ends of the spectrum. I have friends who stay up until all hours of the night and I have friends who are up before dawn. The problem is that these friends all like to text at whenever they are up and about. I am currently using my phone as an alarm clock, therefore, it is in the bedroom. One of my early riser friends texted me today at 6:22 a.m. Can you believe people are actually conscious at this time. Personally, I think a civilized text policy would be just like phone calls. Don't call before nine or after nine(morning and evening respectively). It would make the world a much nicer place.
On the positive side, this early morning text did get me up and at-em. I had the dog walked and I was set to go early, early, early. Another long driving day ahead of me.
We did get kicked out of a rest stop this afternoon. After three and a half hours of driving, we pulled over for lunch. Beautiful day, sitting at a picnic table in the shade, nice little breeze. A car pulled up in front of my RV with all sorts of flashing lights. A woman got out and knocked on my door. I walked over and noticed she had a huge sign on her car – Oversize Load. She asked me to move my RV because “I have a blade coming in”, whatever that meant. I was a little put out – it meant leaving my lovely picnic spot, but I can be agreeable at times. As I pull away from my prime spot, I look in the rear view mirror and I gotta say – she wasn't kidding. It was a blade from one of those giant wind turbines that you see in wind farms. I skedaddled over to the far end of the parking lot and here comes another blade. The two blades, plus their twenty or so support vehicles took over the whole truck parking lot at the rest stop. I'm beginning to think rest stops along the high way are where its at – yesterday Taylor Swift, today Giant Blades.
Look at the size of that blade

My goal today was to get to the Indianapolis area. I was planning on stopping west of Indianapolis but driving was good, I was feeling good, so we soldiered on. I figured on going through Indianapolis mid afternoon, but it turns out that I am now in Eastern time, so instead of mid afternoon, I hit Indianapolis during rush hour. It was ok, though – stop and go traffic made it possible for me to sight see a little bit more than if I had been rushing through town on the freeway.

I am now about 40 minutes east of Indianapolis at the New Lisbon Campground. Long driving day – did about 351 miles. Way over my 150 mile a day goal.  I am so lucky though - it seems anytime I do "bigger" trips, the gas prices drop.  Saw this one in Indianapolis today
I tend to think of Indiana as a northern state but it really isn't. At least not in this campground. This campground is mostly seasonal people which means that they are pretty much permanent residents and “improve”their lots with sheds and decks and just make it homey. Oh and most of them are smokers.   There are very few transients like myself. Everybody is really nice and there is a small little pond with a fountain that is great for walking Miko.  On the other side of the pond, we found a park.
There was a flag pole, but no flag

View across the pond to the RV park

Good to Know
View Across the Street From Me
I feel left out I don't have a golf cart

Yes, there is a Fifth Wheel in there

All Aboard

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