Monday, September 14, 2015

On The Road Again

Funny how every time I take off I start my blog with that title.

This trip is going to start off with lots and lots of driving in the beginning. I have to travel 1200 miles in 8 days. Remember I like to drive about 150 miles and then sit around (or maybe explore) for a few days and then move on. This will be a whirlwind tour. Today I drove from St. Paul to Rockford Illinois – a distance of about 331 miles. Twice as much as is pleasurable. But the road calls, so whatcha gonna do?

Several exciting things happened..... I found I was traveling with the cool kids.
 I didn't get a picture of the back of the truck as I followed it down the road – a 10 foot Taylor leading me on.
I've decided on this trip that I shall not pay any tolls.  So my friend Google Maps took me off of the Illinois Turnpike onto a very nice four lane highway - at least it was very nice for a few miles.  Then I saw a sign that said Illinois Grade II Highway.  I have never been on such a rough road.  I thought my whole rig was going to disintegrate right underneath me.  Thankfully I only had about five miles to go on this road, but I think I would rather pay a toll. 

The other great thing is that this is my very first ever stay at Camp Walmart. Walmart lets RVs
and Truckers stay overnight in their parking lots for no charge. As a Walmart camper, there are certain expectations when you stay with them. You should not put your lawn chairs out, you should not grill – in other words, you should look like you are just parked in the parking lot. You should also go into the store and make a purchase as sort of a thank you for letting you stay with them. I got myself one of those rotisserie chickens. Haven't had one for a while – it had so much salt, I know I will be thirsty for days. Hopefully it will be quiet tonight – it is a 24 hour Walmart and the lights in the parking lot are oh so bright.

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