Sunday, September 20, 2015

Driving, Driving, Driving

I called and called around but could not find anyplace that had openings for the evening that were in my price range. These easterners sure do pay a lot for their camping experiences. Much more than out west. I'm having a little bit of sticker shock.

I finally found a place in Snow Shoe Pennsylvania. It was right off of the freeway, about the distance where I wanted to stop. I couldn't find any reviews of the place so I decided I would just wing it. If I didn't like it, I could always push on and try to find something different. I pull into the place – it is right behind the town's ball field. Turns out the town is having their fall festival. I thought this would be great because I could walk to it from my site.

This trailer park was pretty trashy. Sewer pipes were above ground – the electrical pole and the water faucet was shared by three other trailers. I had water hoses crisscrossing over my site. There was no breaker on the electrical post which meant that there could be surges and all sorts of nasty things that could wreck my electrical system. I do have a surge protector installed on the RV, but not everybody is as fortunate as me. Everybody was right on top of each other. And to top it off, they charged $45 for the privilege of staying there.

On the positive side, the managers were extremely nice people – Jane and Clyde. And lets not forget the Fall festival. They had a car show, they had trinkets and crafts. They had homemade chili and pierogies. It was pretty much a flea market with some cool looking cars.  Mildly amusing. 

I spent some time with the people parked behind me. This park is located on the north side of a mountain range. I have to get to the south side of that mountain range and my mountain driving handbook is telling me that most of the roads crossing the mountains have very big grades. To the point where they require truckers to go no more than 20 mph. I was pretty scared, but my neighbors talked me down off of the cliff and told me that I would be fine. They drive it all the time. Ok, I feel better – I can make it – I probably won't die. So all is good.

Good night sleep, a rain storm and winds came through. Woke up, packed up and got ready to go. As I'm pulling out of my site, I hear a little crunch. Turns out my steps hadn't retracted like they should have and they caught on the little wooden patio that was provided for me. The steps pulled the patio a little bit apart and bent the steps back a little bit. The neighbor guy kicked and pushed the steps back into place and everything seems to be working again.

The major problem, though, was I had no internet service on my phone. If I don't have internet, I don't have the GPS working. That is ok, the neighbors told me how to go to get across the mountain range. The RV has a GPS, but it doesn't always make the best decisions, but it is all I have. What I didn't take into account was that my neighbors (who drive across the range all the time), take shortcuts. They always go the back ways. So, there I am, driving down these little tiny roads, causing a huge traffic backup behind me because I am too afraid to drive very fast on these twisty, turny roads with no shoulder. I climb, I climb and then I get to the top of the mountain. I decided that I was going to be like a truck – only go 20 mph down the hill and I made it!!!!! Yay Me!!!!

So now I'm across the mountain and decide that I will listen to the RV GPS for a little bit. Where does she take me – onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I had been trying to avoid paying tolls and now I've been forced onto one. I always thought turnpikes were supposed to be better roads which is one reason why you pay to use them. Not in Pennsylvania. I will say the scenery was beautiful – huge mountains covered with trees. They are much softer than the Rockies – they make me feel better just to look at them.

I am spending a couple of nights in Elverson Pennsylvania at the French Creek State Park. Both Miko and I will like having a little down time and not have to travel.  I just feel very comfortable in the state parks - they make me happy to be in them. 
Pennsylvania has some strange pet rules for their campgrounds. If the campground has five loops and you have a pet, you can only camp in one of the five loops. Every other state I've been in you could camp anyplace in the park with your dog. They also do not allow alcohol in their park, so according to all the online reviews I've read, you need to do stealth drinking if you choose to imbide.

No pictures, I've just been driving.

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