Thursday, September 17, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy......Not

Today was going to be a busy day. Hit the dog beach one more time, hit the road, hit the First Ladies National Historic Site in Canton Ohio. What actually happened was I puttered around all morning, it was just too nice not to sit in my lawn chair and ponder on weighty subjects such as will that acorn hanging over my lawn chair hit me on the head if it falls in the next decade or so.


I finally got a move on early afternoon and trucked north 118 miles to a KOA campground near Akron Ohio. KOA – stands for Kampers of America. It is what you call a full service camp resort. They have everything you think you might need while camping. There is tetherball, there is fishing, there is volleyball, there are playgrounds and a pool, there is outdoor chess

Miko in the midst of action

They also have a small dog park that we checked out. It had some agility equipment, I put Miko through her paces. It was great, she remembered her schooling and did everything on cue.  I have to say, we did not try the teeter totter. It looked pretty rickety and I didn't want to set her stellar training back in any way.

Tomorrow – another day. Perhaps I will actually do something exciting.

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