Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The More Serious Side of Atlanta

Lou and Davey have other things to do and they have already seen what I'm on the way to see so today I'm driving into Atlanta on my own.

I drive to the Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Site Visitor Center parking lot which is totally packed. People are double and triple parked. Based on the fact that I see dressed up people walking around with palms in their hands, I realize that it is Palm Sunday. Part of the Historical Site includes a couple of churches which are still having services, hence the parking problems.

I enjoyed the MLK site a lot. Watched the movie which was all about MLK's birth home and how he grew up in the Sweet Auburn area of Atlanta. The museum area was one of the best laid out historical site museums that I have seen and I've seen a lot of them. There were six circular areas which displayed different parts of MLK's life. What made each of these areas so interesting is that there was video of people of the time talking about MLK interspersed with MLK speaking either in interviews or giving us parts of his speeches. What a powerful orator he was and what a great message he had.

Caisson that carried MLK's casket.  Ada and Belle were the mules that pulled the caisson

After the visitor center, I headed to Ebenezer Baptist Church where MLK preached but as I said before, services were going on and I didn't feel like I should go in. MLK and Coretta Scott King's tombs are on the property and it was really a beautiful tomb.
The Tomb
The location - see the tomb way down at the other end of the pool?

I walked over to the birth home and walked around the neighborhood, but it was probably the least favorite part of the site for me. Just a working class neighborhood.

On to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum. Parking was much better here. The grounds were beautiful. Spring is definitely here.

The museum was a nice and shiny building. Crisp and clean. It followed President's career from childhood, through his navy and his presidential career followed by his biggest contributions – his post-presidential life.

I know a lot of people don't care for President Carter but I admire him an awful lot mostly because he has a moral compass and has always seemed to be true to it. The amount of good that he has done in his life makes me feel like maybe I should figure out some way to give back (besides, of course,  spreading joy with my sparkling personality)
Anybody that can sing with Willie must be cool

Fun Fact: Jimmy Carter graduated 60th out of 840 in the Naval Academy.

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