Thursday, March 10, 2016

Georgia On My Mind

Came down off of the mountain into mid west Georgia. Got myself checked into the Florence Marina State Park which is on the Chattahoochee River. When I look across the river, I can see Alabama. In fact, I had to drive a little bit into Alabama to get here – when I crossed the river into Alabama, the sign said “Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama”. When I crossed back over the river into Georgia, the welcome sign said “We're Glad Georgia is On Your Mind”

My phone is very confused – I am in the eastern time zone but for some reason the phone can't quite make that transition.

Anyway – got checked in and proceeded to go try to find a campsite. I'm stopped in the road, looking over the campsites when I get a phone call with some strange man telling me to stop blocking the road and get out of his way. I look in my mirrors and what do I see but Lou and Davey sitting right behind me in their rig. Faithful readers will remember that I hung out with Lou and Davey last year when I was in the southwest. There is something so special when you see old friends on the road far from home and especially true for these two. I had planned to meet up with these guys and it was pretty amazing that we hit the park at exactly the same time. After parking and getting our rigs set up, we immediately decided it was adult beverage time. Spent the rest of the evening catching up and just hanging out. Miko loves it at their place – she never wants to come home.

We spent the next day at Providence Canyon State Park – another Georgia state park that is only eight miles away. We tried to get going at the crack of dawn because it is going to be hot today, but Lou and Davey are slug-a-beds – they are definitely not morning people (one of their most endearing qualities) so we didn't get going until around 10:00. Ok, ok – truth – I probably wasn't ready to go much before 10 myself. 

Providence Canyon is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia and is called Georgia's Little Grand Canyon.   For more info on Providence   We marched down to the bottom of the canyons and wandered around for a bit. I wouldn't call the paths creeks, but the bottoms of the canyons are all sand with a thin layer of flowing water on top of the paths. Most of the time the water was only about an inch or so deep but it was a rather unique path. We explored three of the nine canyons and were considerably underwhelmed. We started thinking perhaps Georgia was stretching things a bit in a bid for a Natural Wonder. We climbed out of the canyons and headed back to the car. And then – wowzer – we saw the Natural Wonder. Well Done Georgia.
The walking path in the bottom lands

What says Backwoods Georgia better than this?  Well, actually Backwoods Anyplace

Miko in her new Outward Hound backpack - she was the designated water carrier and seemed very proficient at her job

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