Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm Finally Down South

I made it through Atlanta!!!! I took the west 285 bypass and instead of 10 lanes I only had to deal with four lanes. Of course all trucks that had more than six wheels are required to go on this bypass so it was pretty much wall to wall trucks but that was ok. At least most truckers are rather sensible drivers and aren't scooting around the freeway like little water bugs. Although at one point, two monstrous over-sized loads came onto the bypass. They were hauling some bridge spans that were probably about three semi trucks long. Each one of these over-sized trucks took up two lanes and they had a whole contingent of water bugs running interference for them. 

I in the F.D. Roosevelt State Park in Warm Springs Georgia. The interesting thing that I have found so far in Georgia state parks is that when you show up, you check in and then you go and find a site that is to your liking. Even if you make reservations, you cannot reserve a specific site. This particular campground has some sites around a lake and others up on a hill. It was rather nerve racking to drive through the campground – the roads are only as wide as my wheels and then they seem to have positioned trees right next to the the curvy road. It was a challenge. I think I choose a handicapped site – but I've been here two nights now and nobody has kicked me out. I'm also very please that I am an old person – I love to get those senior discounts.

Beyond the campsite that has two extremely high pitched yappy dogs and the guy across the way that smokes an evening cigar, this is a lovely campground. There are a few hiking trails that start right next to the campground so Miko and I have something to fill the long lonely hours. (Not!!) I have water and electricity so I did spend some time rinsing off the Minnesota salt from my car.
Weird tree on the trail
My site
Today I finally have stopped traveling and have started living the life. I am in Warm Springs Georgia where FD Roosevelt spent as much time as he could in this area. He heard that the springs here at miraculous healing powers so he came here and developed a center that was dedicated to helping people with polio. He started coming to the area before he was president but once he was elected, his house here became known as “The Little White House”.

You start off your visit with a short movie and then wander through a museum that is very high level - not a lot of detail. There is a wall that covers FDR's childhood, the Depression, WWII and Eleanor. They have his car that he used to drive. It was modified with hand controls because he could not use his legs to drive. There was also a breakfast tray that he used to eat breakfast off of. Lovely presentation but I was shocked to see that nobody had bothered to polish the silver. I am my mother's daughter I guess.

Just look at that tarnished silver.....egads! 

Another picture because I can't seem to let it go

When you are done with the museum, you go outside and head for the Little White House. Along the way, there is a pathway where each of the fifty states have sent an example of their native rock. Lots of various types of granite and limestone. Minnesota was rather boring – plain red Pipestone. At least it wasn't granite or limestone. There were a couple of standouts.
Nevada's Wonderstone
Montana's Onyx
The Path of Stones
The Little White House is where FDR died. The docent explained to me about the times and how everything happened. What was interesting to me about the place was that it reminded me a lot of my great grandfather and grandmother and all the furniture and accessories in their homes that were very similar to what was in this house. It was a very down home type of place.
It actually is a little white house
Of course the tour dumps you into the gift shop where the docent there asked if I had any questions. I only had one – now that I am back down south – where can I find me some pimento cheese?  We ended up spending time discussing the various regional virtues of pimento cheese and lutefisk. (not)
I ended up on a quest – actually I ended up a little bit lost in the back woods of Georgia, but I found a Piggly Wiggly and now have my pimento cheese. All is right in the world.
Found this cemetery on my backwoods journey - tons and tons of fake flowers on the hill
I had to go back to Warm Springs because I really wanted to see Historical Pools Museum where FDR and all the polio patients swam. The water is 88 degrees, hence the name Warm Springs, not Hot Springs.  The pools have been closed since the 1940s but they do have one fountain where you can put your hand in to feel the therapeutic waters. I, of course, stuck my arthritic hand in hoping that this is all I need to be healed. Jury is still out.  The water felt rather lukecool, not lukewarm.
That little green area is where the water bubbles out.
Also went to Dowdell's Knob which was a favorite picnic spot of FDR.
The grill - they filled it in because of vandals
I could stay another day but the road and friends call so must be moving on.

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