Friday, March 25, 2016

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

We are moving today – sort of a short hop – about 72 miles so not too bad. We have a stop on the way though – we are going to Gibbs Gardens which we had heard about when we were zip-lining a few days ago.

Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground Georgia, about an hour north of Atlanta, was started in 1980 as a private 300 acre estate. Jim Gibbs sort of went nuts and planted 100,000 daffodils that year. Every year since then, he has planted another 100,000. There are now currently 22 million daffodils that bloom about this time of year. Think about that for a moment. Unfortunately, we were maybe a week too late to see them all in their glory, but it still was very impressive.

There are currently 220 landscaped acres and there is something in bloom all year round. Currently, besides the daffodils, the cherry trees, Bradford Pears, Red buds, plus a lot of annuals are all in bloom.

This is a water lily garden with an exact replica of Monet's Bridge - supposed to be spectacular when the water lilies bloom 

We ended up in Talona RV park in Talking Rock Georgia – a tiny little park with fabulous WIFI. I feel I have to mention this because it is so seldom that campground WIFI is as good as this. There was a lovely little creek running along in front of our rigs so we took our chairs down to the creek and had another wonderful Happy Hour.

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