Monday, March 28, 2016

From the Profound to the Silly

I did a Google search on Best Georgia State Parks and one of them that popped up was Black Rock Mountain State Park. This park was listed as the park with the best views. Since it was only a half hour drive away and it was dog friendly, we decided we needed to check it out. We had thought about camping at this park, but they only allow RVS that are less than 25 feet so that left us out. As we drove into the park, we were again grateful that we were not driving into the park with our RVS. Another narrow mountain road with a long fairly steep incline. Inclines aren't too bad, but if you have a long, steep incline that means that to leave you have a long steep decline which is when it really gets scary. I think that the actual altitude was something like 3600' which is not much in the Rockies, but here in the Southern Appalachian Mountains it is a good size hill.

The park itself spans the Eastern Continental Divide which surprised me. I guess I thought there was only one Continental Divide and that was out west in the Rockies.

Once we got to the visitor's center, we looked at all of our hiking options and decided that we would go back down the mountain to the Black Rock Lake Trail which was flat and only about a mile long. The trail was also a fitness trail where they periodically had “Fitness Stops” where they told you to do 20 jumping jacks like a bunny or 20 pushups like a toad. We were very selective about which stops we executed.

Lots of fisher people – bass and trout were the targets for most of the fisher people. It was just a lovely day to do a laid back stroll.

Hazy, dull brown - but Georgia Mountains

The Joneses

Lou creeping in the rocks

Black Rock Lake
On the way back to the campground, there was a touristy place called Goats On The Roof. They actually did have goats on the roof. 

Goats had a whole playground up there

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