Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vincennes to Lincoln City - Still In Indiana

Today was going to be the first day we left Miko in the RV by herself while we did tourist stuff. I gave her a stew bone that I had been saving, hoping she would not miss us for a while as she was busy chewing away. Locked her up and headed into the town of Vincennes.

First stop was the George Rogers Clark National Memorial. We lucked out big time when we walked in and ran into Ranger Pam. Ranger Pam was absolutely thrilled with her subject and rather upset with the fact that hardly anybody knows who George is. Short bio: George is the older brother of William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame. He led a heroic march against a British fort in Vincennes during the Revolutionary War. According to Ranger Pam, without this victory, the United States would only exist south of the Ohio River. Nothing but New England and the southern states. Ranger Pam was just about jumping up and down with joy talking about George. It was fun to see somebody as enthusiastic about their subject and she really made the history come alive. This is a huge architecturally classic structure (only 18 ft shorter than the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. - Ranger Pam) that was built during the depression. It took that long for George to be recognized. It was officially dedicated in 1966. Ranger Pam made sure to take pictures of Tony and me along with the statute of George so we can remember how huge he is. You could watch a movie about George but we didn't see it because we figured it couldn't have been as good as Ranger Pam.

Here is a rather unfortunate picture of Ranger Pam.  She really was  a sweetheart

Next stop was a real treat. It was the newly opened Red Skelton Center. I remember as a kid watching his TV show. Red was born in Vincennes and after his death, the town built this Performing Arts Center and Museum in his honor. The museum was a lot of fun. They had a lot of little film clips of his comedy bits and there were also some interactive displays. One of the displays had numbered feet painted on the floor and you had to step in the right order to try and match one of Red's dance routines. Tony did one where you tried to copy one of Red's physical gags (in this case a guy lifting a super heavy barbell) and you got taped doing it. You could then watch to see how your act compared with Red's. I would say that Tony's was every bit as good as Red's.

We got back to the RV and it looked like Miko had not touched her bone or water the whole time we were gone. I hope she gets a little bit better about that. We packed up the RV and headed to southern Indiana, to Lincoln City. We stayed in the Lincoln City State Park. It was the most expensive place we have stayed so far at $27 a night.   Here is the view from our campsite.


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