Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LeRoy to Vincennes

I find that I don't like to drive more than three to four hours a day.  That means that it takes us forever to get anyplace.  Back in my youth, I remember driving 10-12 hours a day and it was a piece of cake. That is definitely not true anymore.   Is it old age or have I just decided that I need to slow down and smell the flowers?  Our destination today - Vincennes, Indiana - home of the George Rogers Clark National Monument.

We decided that since Moraine View seemed like a lovely park, we would try to get in a morning hike before we left.  We got the RV ready to move and headed out to the nearest trail head and then proceeded to drive right past it.  When I am pulling a car behind the RV, you never, ever back up.  All sorts of terrible things could happen to your car, tow bar.  So, we passed the trail head and decided we would just get on the road to Vincennes. 

We traveled mostly on the freeway, but at one point my GPS took us off of the freeway. My father would have hated it - he is a freeway type of guy all the way - pedal to the metal - lets get there as soon as possible.   I, on the other hand, get a big kick out of it.  It was really nice to drive down these country roads through all of these small towns.  Americana and all that.  Of course travel is a lot slower - you can't go too fast when there is one of those monster farm tractors driving down the road in front of you. 

We were planning on getting to Vincennes around 1:00.  Besides putzing along, we forgot that we were changing time zones from Central Time to Eastern Time.  So we rolled into the Ouabache County Park around 4:30.  There goes this day - no time left for any of the tourist events we had planned.  Interesting tidbit:  Oaubache is pronounced Wabash.  I had high hopes for this park.  We drove a couple of miles down a narrow road with trees right up to the edge of the pavement.  The leaves were just starting to change.  We climbed a monster hill - the coach did just fine pulling the car up the hill.  When we got to the top into the campground, I was very disappointed.  It looked like the typical RV park - rigs parked very close to one another, no privacy.  On the other hand, we have water and electricity and the weather is glorious - high seventies and sunny.  I heard that back in Minnesota, it was drizzly and cold.  Although I'm sorry for the people back in Minnesota, I am pretty darn happy that I am not drizzly and cold. 

After talking to Tony and realizing that perhaps our original trip plan might be a little too ambitious, we are going to regroup, slow down and probably not get to Ohio as we had planned.  I think we are just going to spend some more time in northern Kentucky/southern Indiana.  I know that you are all going to be disappointed because this blog will not be as riveting and action packed as it normally is (ha, I crack myself up) but oh well.  I think one of the joys of this RV lifestyle is that there is no rush, there are no shoulds only coulds and it is all subject to change at any minute.  I have spent most of my life chained to the two week vacation where you try to pack as much as you can into your two weeks and I don't have to do that anymore.  It has been a bit of a struggle for me to slow down and take the time to appreciate where I am.  I'm hoping practice makes perfect. 

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