Saturday, April 9, 2016

Should I Worry?

I didn't quite leave the coast.  I stayed a couple of days at Crooked River State Park.  It is down in the almost farthest southeastern section of Georgia that you can get.  I think that if I had stood up, I could have seen Florida from my campsite.  Originally, the plan was to go to the Cumberland Island National Seashore but since I've sworn off oceans for a bit, I'm just camping.  This park is really nice - long private sites.  I am in the middle of a Palmetto forest.  There are a few hiking trails that Miko and I explore but we are basically just hanging out. 

View out my side door

Miko in a contemplative mood overlooking the salt marshes

One of the trails - can't get much flatter than this

Drove to the Tallahassee area of Florida. I'm just passing through. I found a little county park on the west side of Tallahassee where I could stop for a night. COE Landing. It is on the Ochlockonee River. I asked for a pull thru site since I was only going to be there for one night and lucked out in that I got one with my own private deck overlooking the river. Of course on the back side of the RV was the campground road which was only about 10 feet away. That is ok – I had a deck. We were right next to the boat launch area and Miko and I walked over to check it out. There were several signs saying “Buzzards will ruin your vehicle” and then there was a pole with a rubber buzzard hanging upside down on it. Strange.
My Deck overlooking Ochlockonee River

I get woken up at about 6:00 the next morning by something that sounded like an airplane engine right outside my door. Turns out that air boats are a big deal on the Ochlockonee River and those fisher people like to start early. Ok, I'm up. I pull open my front curtains and what do I see? I'm not sure if they are buzzards or vultures, but there was one right in front of my rig. Then there were two, three – no a whole flock of them all sitting there staring in at me. Perhaps they know something I don't?

These guys are really really big birds

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