Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ferne Clyffe - I Feel Like Such An Elegant Speller

I skipped over Kentucky. Sorry Kentucky but I'll be back. I made it into southern Illinois. I was racing rain that was supposed to be coming in and I wanted to get to the campground and make camp before the weather started. It can get sort of miserable setting up in the rain. I rolled into Ferne Clyffe State Park  named because there are supposed to be a lot of bluffs and ferns here. They thought they would class it up by calling it Ferne.

I stop by the camp host, he tells me pick any spot that doesn't have a reserve tag on it. I find the spot and get all set up, including putting leveling blocks down. It is starting to sprinkle – whew, I made it. Mr. Park Ranger shows up and says – hey, you can't park here, it is reserved. I'm putting the tags up now. What? I asked when did the site get reserved? He says they came in at 4:30 this morning. It is now late afternoon and he is just putting the tags up now? I have to move. I only had to move across the street, but it was a hassle and it was raining pretty good by this time. What do they say about the best laid plans of mice and men?

I wanted to stop at Ferne Clyffe when I was heading south this trip but it just didn't work out time/distance wise. I'm glad that I couldn't stop because that was way back in March and it would have been way too cold and icy to hike. Yes, I'm a wimpy hiker. Besides that, there is a waterfall here and as nice as frozen waterfalls are, I really like rushing waters.
A little dribbler of a water fall

Just cause I thought this was pretty

A lovely waterfall

The other reason to stop here was that the park contains Illinois' largest shelter cave – one of those caves that First Nation people used back in the day. I followed the trail and came to a cave. It was a nice size cave, but rather under whelming. I thought to myself: well, this is Illinois. Illinois is not known for being a place of massive hills. Maybe this is huge by their standards. I spent a good amount of time here, took the obligatory photos and moved on.
The first cave. You could stay here and it would keep the rain off

I left the cave, rounded the corner and Wowzer – there was a massive shelter cave. Evidently my first cave was just a warm up act.
Miko in the giant shelter cave

Ok, now see Miko on the rock - you can see how huge this shelter cave was

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